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Prenatal training with Keren & Amanda – 80 hours

Join Keren and Amanda in Autumn 2023 for a deep immersion into pre and post natal yoga.

Our IN PERSON Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course offers a balanced mix of theory and practical work providing you with valuable knowledge and tools to teach yoga to pregnant women safely and confidently.

This in-depth and comprehensive training will provide you with the confidence to teach Pregnancy yoga safely throughout all trimesters, to know how to ease pregnancy related discomforts and to answer the important questions around Labour & Birth.  You will also be able to continue to guide your students through their postnatal time with Yoga to help them to recover & connect back in with themselves and with their babies.

The course will run over four long weekends from September-January 2023/24 and will include additional homework during the four months of the course.

There will be 80 hours of training, plus homework and reading time to work towards 90-100 hours of study on the course.

Course Content

  • Preparing for pregnancy – fertility yoga – emotional preparation, physical preparation
  • Embryology
  • Benefits of yoga for pregnancy and birth
  • Ayurveda for pre, during and post pregnancy
  • Safety Guidelines for pregnant students
  • Modifying the postures for the various stages of pregnancy
  • The three trimesters: overview of physiological changes for mum and baby
  • Postural alignment for pregnancy
  • Working with props for pregnancy
  • Restorative Yoga for pregnancy
  • Yoga Nidra and Visualisation for pregnancy
  • Benefits & applications of squatting and pelvic floor toning during pregnancy
  • Mantra and meditation for pregnancy and birth
  • Special vinyasa sequences for pregnancy
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Applied Anatomy for prenatal yoga: back or pelvic problems & other common complaints
  • Overview of Stages of Labour and Birth
  • Yogic tools for labour
  • Early attachment theory – how the nervous system develops through pregnancy and what happens during the birth and after birth
  • Plus much more!


Amanda and Keren have a combined teaching experience of over 50 years! Both have undertaken extensive yoga trainings, Keren is also a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and Amanda is one of only 40 teachers in the country to be accredited as a yoga therapist by the International Yoga Therapy Association. Both are also mothers and are passionate about women’s health in all stages of life.

While we are aware that there are 100s of online prenatal teacher trainings available, we are big believers that the best trainings are delivered in person, allowing an interactive and embodied experience for the students and allowing the teachers to constantly evolve and update the course with the learnings from their own personal studies.


September 23-24, October 21-22, December 2-3, January 13-14


The course costs £595, payment plans are available and an early bird price of £545 applies if paid in full by July 1st.


Please email Keren at with any questions or to yourself book into the course.

Please note the course is open to yoga teachers who have already completed a 200hour training.

  • Snapshot

    • Your course will be run over four weekends (Sept-Jan 2023/4) Fri evening, all day Sat-Sun and will include homework and practice teaching between modules.
    • Weekend hours Friday 6.30-8.30pm, Saturday 10.30-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm
    • The course will include a final exam, made up of a practical assessment and a written exam. There will also be reading assignments and homework given throughout the course
    • The course is registered with Yoga Alliance International and on successful completion you will be a certified prenatal yoga teacher
    • The course is open to all yoga teachers with a 200hr accreditation or those undertaking an accredited teacher training
    • Keren is a vinyasa yoga teacher, has undertaken over 2000hrs of teacher training in various styles including kundalini, vinyasa, hatha and ayurveda, she is a YAI senior teacher, a mother of a wild child, director of Falmouth Yoga Space and has completed both prenatal and women’s health trainings. Amanda has been teaching for over 35 years, is a qualified Iyengar teacher but now teaches her unique style of yoga and complimentary movement therapies, is a registered Yoga Therapist with the International Yoga Therapy Assoication, she is a mother of a grown up child and has completed extensive training in prenatal and women’s health – this course will be unique in its blend of our experiences and trainings.
  • During this course

    During this course we will delve into all aspects of prenatal yoga looking in depth at the three trimesters, understanding the fears associated with pregnancy, the milestones and how we can help as teachers to alleviate fears and help women enjoy their pregnancies.

    We will learn how to plan classes for women in each trimester, safe postures, sequencing, addressing potential areas for concern, how to cope with emotional issues and the anatomy of a pregnant woman.

    In addition we will look at alignment and safe adjustments for all three trimesters. Using props in prenatal yoga, partner yoga in pregnancy and yoga nidra for pregnancy.

    And of course we will joyfully delve into meditations and mantras for the pregnant Mama!

  • In our postnatal yoga module, we will discuss

    • Understanding the changed body and mind
    • 40 days Post Partum.
    • Foods Postpartum
    • Breastfeeding
    • Hormonal changes
    • Postnatal depression
    • Pelvic floor prolapse
    • When is it safe for a woman to return to yoga and how to plan an appropriate yoga class
    • Mums and bubs yoga classes

The course will cost £595 and will require 100% participation to ensure accreditation.

To register your interest please email