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Mentoring program

“I can remember my first ever time teaching a yoga class with absolute clarity. I wasn’t nervous. I was probably over confident truth be told and I proceed to teach this poor group of unsuspecting beginners a DYNAMIC vinyasa class including a few visits to bakasana (google the pose and cringe with me). Poor people. I can’t believe they kept coming back to be honest. Then I went back to India to practice in the Sivananda tradition and after that I suddenly realised how much I didn’t know and I went to the other extreme, too nervous to chant OM, too scared to teach inversions in case I snapped a neck or two. And it was only time and the mentoring of a wonderful teacher in Brisbane (Tamara James of Yoga Physio in Brisbane) that I began to really blossom and began to LOVE teaching.

My mentoring program is for new teachers who would like to delve a little deeper into their own practice and fine tune their teaching skills. The mentoring program includes 1/2 day a month face-to-face for 12 months, weekly phone or email catch-ups and help whenever it’s needed in-between those times! You will also be required to attend a certain amount of classes with me, class observations, class assists and of course teaching public classes with feedback provided

  • The mentoring program includes

    • Teaching with confidence (yoga language, voice projection and verbal cues)
    • The business of yoga (including marketing, budgeting and establishing your business)
    • Creative, smart and spiritual sequencing
    • How to teach beginners (often harder than leading advanced classes)
    • Teaching advanced asana safely
    • Delving deeper into the philosophy and learning how to infuse your classes with this wisdom (including the Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and the Chakras)
    • Bhakti yoga (my passion) taking a look at the glorious myths, mudra and mantra
    • This course accounts for 100 hours of CPD with your chosen yoga body

Fore more info please click mentoring program or drop me a line. The cost for the mentoring program is £105 per month or £1100 if paid in full for the year.