Teacher training testimonials

“The Level 1 teacher training course at Falmouth Yoga space changed my life for the better. It opened me up to myself, and the world around me. Over the months of the course I felt like I was peeling myself apart, layer by layer becoming closer to who I really was. It helped me put down my comfort blanket that I so dearly clutched hold of, allowing me to step into the beautiful world of the unknown.

The various aspects of the course kept me intrigued and thirsty to know more, there was not a single moment that I got bored or uninterested in what Keren and yoga had to offer.

Keren is a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm and devotion to the practice and her students is inspiring. I felt supported by her and the rest of the group every step of the way, it was like we became a little yoga family holding one another when the going got tough, and rejoicing together when the ride was smooth.

I cannot recommend this course enough, it truly has brought me back home to myself. OM SHANTI!” – Hannah Peskett

“I loved level 1 yoga teacher training with Keren, it was an amazing learning journey- both challenging and rewarding. Keren balances the teaching of physical poses and alignment with myth/story telling and yoga philosophy. All sessions were stimulating and well-planned; I especially enjoyed the group discussions on texts we studied.

I found Keren to be a very sensitive and instinctive teacher and she always gave us insightful feedback enabling us to develop as trainee teachers. I would thoroughly recommend this course.” – Ness Parnell 

“There are many good courses out there to continue a learning journey. But I chose my love of Yoga as a route to deepening my awareness of my practice and meet some like-minded yogis. Keren’s Teacher Training course did more than this … it was inspirational and life-changing! At times it was deeply moving and tough, at times I had to bare my soul, unlock habitual thought patterns and beliefs and question my own understanding of the world around me. This course enabled me to learn, grow, ‘let go’ and offer acceptance in a way that I couldn’t have anticipated or intended but it certainly was where I needed to be! It tested me to my limits both spiritually and physically.
I am most grateful to Keren for her ability to guide students in maximising their potential, knowing when to ‘push’ them forward and when to hold back. Keren provides her students with the tools to give attention to find their strength and inner soulful simplicities. Her love for Bhakti yoga brings depth and history to the learning as well as utter joy within the community that is created through students’ shared practice and learning. We sang, we chanted, we danced, we studied, we practiced yoga, we cried and it was all worth it! At Falmouth Yoga space Keren has created a supportive and most friendly environment for yoga students to feel nourished with the richness of exploring all aspects yoga and philosophy. If I could, I’d do the course all over again!” ~ Bess

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