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June Blog post – the constant chaos

I do this thing…when I’m busy and people ask me to catch up or organise something, I find myself apologising and saying ‘I think things will be calmer next week’. Do you do this? This constant promise/hope/lie that the constant chaos of my life may settle down ‘next week’. I think I’ve been saying this for about a decade

Anyway, that’s a long way of me saying that I’m sorry I haven’t written a blog post since January 2021 but I guess I was constantly hoping that I’d have time next week…and that week happens to be now (68 weeks later).

And to be honest the world seems to have become more chaotic since those simple days of lockdown in January 2021! There has been vaccinations, lifting of restrictions, a housing crisis in Cornwall, a war, terrifying politics coming out of the US and a cost of living crisis like none I’ve ever seen.

For me personally this means I’ve taken on an actual job again – you know, like a grown up job where I wear smart clothes and feel like a professional fraud – as well as continuing to run the studio, teach yoga, teacher training and my most important job, parenting. So there is more chaos, and if I say to you that I may be able to catch up next week when things calm down, I’m sorry, I’m lying.

I’m reminded of the dance of creation that Shiva did to create the universe out of nothing, manifesting matter as he whirled and swirled and BOOM, the universe came into being but it was utter chaos and no order to anything. Beautiful, magical chaos. But that level of chaos wasn’t sustainable, so in stepped the Goddess Sarawati to bring order to the chaos. She brought the word, knowledge, learning, the arts, creativity and essentially showed us that the beauty remained but a little more of organisation is no bad thing.

So that’s the work right, embracing the chaos and bringing in a little bit of order so that we can dance on through it.

But we can all use a little help with that now and then. I have just sent out a newsletter and popped up a few social media posts with ways in which FYS hopes to help our yoga community with the cost of living crisis in a sustainable way that supports our students while continuing to keep the doors of the studio open.

Because, to me, this is the yoga. Not the fancy shapes we make on the mat, or the rocking playlists and not the awesome leggings we wear (I love all this stuff of course). Yoga means union and to me it has always meant community. There is no yoga studio without our community. And those of you who know me, know I’m a liberal at heart and I won’t rant about the state of our government and their lack of fucks about anything other than themselves but what this means is we have to look out for each other. That is also yoga. Yoga has always been radical, it’s always been activism and it’s always been about serving one another.

So check out the newsletter and socials and come dance with us on the mat.



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