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Theme of the month – Gratitude

Yesterday I went for coffee with my great Mum friend Sandra after the school run, we let the kids run wild around argal lake and we sipped a coffee outside in the Autumn sunshine. We chatted about the need to simplify things, that we live such blessed lives, have so much STUFF and how lucky we are that our children wake up warm and fed and healthy. Watching the children play outside, creating their own game involving demons and wands and power sources (!!) I was reminded how easy it is to get wrapped up in doing and how every now and then it’s nice to focus on ‘being’.

As we move further into Autumn and winter, it naturally becomes a time when we turn within, the weather gets colder, the wood fires start to burn and we start to cocoon ourselves at home. This season the perfect time to explore and nurture ourselves and drop in to what we are truly grateful for in our lives. Yoga aims to bring us into a state of inner harmony and oneness with our external environment. This discovery is at at the heart of all Yoga Practice:

That we are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm .This moment to moment awareness is at the heart of all Sadhana. See how everything we take in and give out affects us and others. You become the cosmic conductor of your energy, health and state of mind of through all your daily activities. Therefore if we cultivate an attitude of gratitude, that begins to inform our thoughts and being.

What are you grateful for this year, this month, this week and on this day? A good friend of mine, Victoria, used to set an alarm on her phone for 5pm each day where she would stop and list 5-10 things that she was grateful. There is always something.

Over the pond in Canada, October is the month of gratitude as they celebrate thanksgiving and all they are grateful for, especially family and community.

As I type this I am grateful beyond belief for my studio here in Falmouth and the community that surrounds out. Through this space I learn continuously, I share my love and passion for all things yoga and I have an amazing community of people – students and teachers – who I treasure. Thank you.

So hopefully in class this month you’ll experience gratitude in different ways, through the asana (physical) practice, through meditation and through the community we share

With all the GRATITUDE and LOVE in MY heart,


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